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At The Turnip Truck we make local producers a top priority by providing you with a reliable outlet for your goods, and making sure that you get paid in a timely manner. If you have extra produce that you need to get rid of, or if you're developing a new product that you would like to get out into the marketplace, we want to hear from you. We take the legwork out of getting your product sold so that you can focus on growing more delicious food!

Testimonials from real farmers we work with:

 I've been in this business for twenty years. Originally, I had to drive around town for most one day delivering produce to restaurants. I have been able to save valuable time and money working with the Turnip Truck . The staff is really great and I enjoy working with them to promote local food in Atlanta. They are a valuable asset to our business model and I plan to work with them for many years to come. They let me spend more time at the farm growing and nourishing produce, instead of selling it.

-Nicolas Donck, Crystal Organic Farm, Newborn GA

"Tewksbury Farms has been using The Turnip Truck for the past 3 years. On many occasions early on we
would have extra vegetables that were "ready to go" but had no market to take them to. We found
Turnip Truck and instantly had a portal to move these vegetables.
As time moved on we would plant large amounts of vegetables specifically for The Turnip Truck. He and I
created demand with the local restaurants for these specific products. They have helped me grow my
business and streamlined my production since i had singular place to deliver products. Rather than me
taking products to many different restaurants The Turnip Truck is able to facillitate delivery and I can get back to work"
-Tate Tewksbury, Tewksbury Farms, Buckhead GA

"The Turnip Truck is critical to my business. They save me money and undertake the burden of delivering
my products to restaurants and tracking down invoices. My time is better spent growing my business!"
-Jonathan Tescher, Sparta Imperial Mushrooms, Sparta GA


We are mainly looking to purchase local products that have regular availability (in good quantities) and that are consistent in quality. Alternately, we can also provide distribution services to operations that already have an established sales program, but just need someone to deliver the goods. We also offer a range of local food support services such as cross docking, warehousing, cold storage and order fulfillment. Whatever your needs, please contact us to see if we can set something up that is beneficial for everyone. We are more than happy to give references to real farmers with whom we have real working relationships. Thanks very much for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you! 


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